Executive Committee

The Committee is made up of full APPN members and manages the network on behalf of the members. Posts are voted for at the AGM. A new committee is elected and re-elected at our yearly AGM held in the spring.

The officers are: Chair, Vice-Chair, Hon Treasurer, Hon Secretary, Hon PRO, Hon Education Officer and Hon Research Officer. (All these posts are elected and for a fixed term).

The President is appointed by the Executive Committee and has a three year term of office.

An administrator manages the membership database and queries, updates the website, course bookings and generally supporting the Executive Committee.

The Committee meets three times each year at the CSP headquarters, with a virtual meeting in the summer, as well as attending the AGM. There is regular electronic contact among Exec members between meetings.

APPN President :               Neil Langridge

APPN Chair :                       Nick Downing

APPN Vice Chair :              Tim Noblet

Hon Secretary:                    Suzie McIlory

Hon Research Officer:       Diana Keeling

Hon Education Officer:      Michelle Angus

Hon Treasurer:                    Dave Annison

Hon PRO:                             Diane Reid

Diversity Officer:                 Yogita Stokes

Horizon Editor:                   Chandresekhar Dekka

Media officer :                    Anna Rubio

Executive Members :          Nipun Seth, Jo Jennings, Hannah Morley, Lianne Wood

Co-opted members:            Mary Sexton, Barbara Sharp, Prasad Chakradeo, Laura Groom, Harry Kardamilas

(updated 30th March 2021)