Lianne Wood : Honorary Research Officer APPN

When I joined the APPN I had a very small network of clinicians I had worked with in Nottingham. Being a foreign trained physio (from South Africa) I didn’t have the years of rotations, university cohorts, courses or life history in the UK to draw on, as I had left these in South Africa. Being on the APPN committee has transformed my clinical and research perspective and career by linking me with physios across the country.

It has truly made such an impact on me, given me a wider peer circle of those in similar roles, and greater exposure to those doing completely different things. This has helped me to realise that anything is possible for physios here in the UK! I cannot recommend the experience highly enough. Not only will you make new friends, but you will learn new skills and have a greater insight into what is happening nationally in this innovative profession.

Lianne Wood
Research Officer APPN