The APPN is committed to providing educational resources for members and non-members working in areas of advanced practice.

The resources are not exclusive and include regular updated links to information if you are aware of resources that you feel would be beneficial to other members who work in advanced role please contact us providing us with the links so that we can review them and add them to our web site.

UPDATED LINKS (30th Nov 2017)

More & more electronic web resources are being developed to help  both patients & clinicians. You may find some of the following helpful in your clinical practice. If you are aware of other similar resources please share get in touch so that they can be added  

Back Pain:

From Cheshire & Merseyside

Hampshire backs:


North East:


 The BOA screen cast on cauda equina

 The CSP on cauda equina


More evidence base resources can be found on our research pages. Links to lectures and posters from our study days can be found on our courses page.

Susie Durrell has recently updated the Cauda Equina guidance documents for the Gloucestershire Hospitals  NHS Foundation Trust.  Logged in members can view these documents on the Research page.

As part of our commitment to education for members we aim to deliver themed study days relevant to members working in advanced practice. Our constitution means that one of these study days includes a short Annual General Meeting this is a great opportunity for members to influence the direction of the ESPPN (now APPN), members are actively encouraged to attend this meeting.

In the future the education sub-group are wanting to explore using technology to deliver training such as live seminars if you have any experience or comment to make regarding this please get in touch with the current education officer. Similarly we are always keen for members to propose topics/ themes/ speakers which they feel are relevant to them and other members.