The Four Pillars

From 2 December, the four pillars, which describe the fundamentals of the scope of practice of the physiotherapy profession, are:

  • exercise, movement, and rehabilitation
  • manual therapy and therapeutic handling
  • therapeutic and diagnostic technologies
  • allied approaches.

The pillars are incorporated in the Royal Charter, which was granted in 1920, and the previous wording reflected language and practice of that time.

CSP members have been involved in determining the new wording. More than 300 members, from all parts of the UK and representing different specialisms and membership categories, took part in focus groups. And more than 2,000 people voted on different wording options.

Alex MacKenzie, chair of CSP Council, said: ‘Our profession and practice has progressed hugely in the past 100 years and the language we use to describe ourselves had not kept up with that progression. Until now.

‘Council is confident that the wording of the four pillars represents our current practice, and we are grateful to all those members who took part in the consultation to determine the new descriptions.’