Michelle Angus : co chair APPN

I joined the APPN when I started working as an AP in fracture clinic and attended a conference to present a ‘rapid 5’ showcasing the service and role, to encourage others to take opportunities to develop similar services.  My passion is around enabling physiotherapists to enhance and develop their skills and so when the opportunity arose for an education officer with the APPN I applied especially as this was at a time the APPN wanted to influence far further than MSK.

The executive team then supported me to apply for the vice chair position followed by co-chair with Tim.  To be part of the executive committee of the APPN has allowed me not only to encourage and support the next generation of AP and Consultant Physiotherapists, but also to influence the advanced practice agenda in physiotherapy.  I have developed new close relationships with like minded colleagues and had lot’s of fun along the way.  The whole committee now wants to mentor anyone thinking of applying to be part of the executive of the APPN, so you really have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Michelle Angus
Co-Chair APPN