Michelle Angus

Consultant Physiotherapist, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

About Michelle Angus

Michelle is a Consultant Physiotherapist working for the Complex Spinal team within the Emergency Village at Salford Royal NHS Foundation trust;   allowing her to help prevent the distress of chronic back pain by giving patients the advice they need early in their journey to promote self-management working closely with the spinal surgeons.   She runs a fracture clinic for the spinal service and leads the team of Advanced Practitioner Physiotherapists in the Emergency Department and Orthopaedic Trauma; linking closely with the MSK CATS clinicians.

Michelle’s passion is around Advanced Clinical Practice in the Emergency Department and she is keen to bring this group of clinicians into line with the APPN, a network of clinicians in this area has been set up informally and there are approximately 100 clinicians involved nationally; she runs an annual study day on this subject with a good attendance.  Michelle would like to formalise the network in this growing group of clinicians as an arm of the APPN by joining the committee as the ED link.


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