Research Opportunity : University of Hertfordshire

We are looking for musculoskeletal physiotherapists to discuss their experiences in assessing and managing radicular pain

We are interested in hearing about your experiences in assessing and managing radicular pain in order to improve our understanding of how you have developed your knowledge and skills, and how your experiences have shaped your understanding of prognosis regarding conservative and invasive treatments.

Inclusion criteria:

  • Be a state-registered Chartered Physiotherapist in musculoskeletal practice in the United Kingdom.

What will happen if I participate in this study?

  • You will meet with Tom Kelly and complete one-to-one interviews to discuss your experiences of assessing and managing radicular pain.
  • This could be in person or via Skype / telephone.

Please contact Tom Kelly for more information about the study:

Protocol number: HSK/PGT/UH/04017

Approved by the University of Hertfordshire Health, Science, Engineering & Technology ECDA