Regional Networks

In an effort to improve networking opportunities, we are looking to increase regional activity around the country.  We currently have some excellent active groups offering local meetings and talks at regional level.  These ‘Guidance Notes – Regional Reps’  give a clear guide on how regions interact with the main APP Network.  Free membership is offered to those taking up the challenge!

CURRENT GROUPS ARE (click on their names for local news) :-

South West London :Steve Jones (updated 6th March 2020)

North  London  :  James Whatley

South East : Barbara Sharp

Midlands : Yogita Stokes (updated April 2019)

SW Yorks : Andrew Cuff  (updated October 2019)

We are currently looking for representatives for the following regions : East Anglia, Surrey/Sussex, Irish Repbulic, Scotland, North West, Wales, Oxfordshire/Hampshire, Derbyshire, North East, North Yorkshire, South East and South East London

If you wish to find out more about running a regional group or interested in joining an active group in your area please contact Leesa Paterson , APPN PRO, on for further details

Members can use the new search facility in the members area to identify opted in APP’s by speciality, sub speciality and region.  If you find the search doesn’t work correctly please contact

Read on to learn some of the advantages of local involvement:

  • Networking with local APP’s
  • Opportunities for local peer support
  • Increased awareness of other APPN services
  • Local support to help meet the challenges/opportunities current in the local NHS
  • Increased awareness of local APP related higher education modules and courses
  • Up to date information and feedback on national APP issues and Executive Committee activities

Also: Local meetings offering CPD opportunities – presentations and discussions on APP related topics facilitated by local experts.