PACE Evaluation : Physiotherapy after COVID

As more and more patient with COVID-19 are discharged to community settings into the care of community rehabilitation services, there is an urgency to support these services to understand the needs of this largely unknown patient population and review and repurpose their service delivery models accordingly. Without this data there is a risk that services are not designed to offer the services that are needed by the patients with COVID, in addition to those with usual rehabilitation needs.  We will be launching the PACE audit next Monday 13 July to support this.

The aim of this rapid data grab is to better understand the extent and current provision of rehabilitation for patients after recovering from the acute phase of COVID-19. The spotlight is on rehabilitation due to COVID and we want to use this short window of opportunity to understand more about physiotherapy outside hospital.

Re: the PACE audit, there are some actions that I hope you will engage with in order to get maximal coverage for the audit.  We need to build momentum and get people talking ahead of Monday’s launch.  There will be a CSP member bulletin going out on Thursday detailing the practicalities and instructions but for now we’d like to encourage teams to discuss, raise awareness and commit to engaging.  I have a couple of asks of you…

  1. Personalise and broadcast the message to your networks and any key stakeholders for any services delivering COVID recovery outside of hospital.  Please think broadly, target your big local providers, your HEI’s, your friends from school, etc.
  2. Use the banner on your emails (attached to the bottom of my signature) and use in the hyperlink option.
  3. Tweet / retweet the news story from this week:

Thank you, your help and support on this is greatly appreciated.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy