New Pilot Scheme for Consultant Level Clinicians

Closing date: 12 Mar 2019  :  The MRC along with the NIHR are advertising a new scheme of funding for Consultants.

This is for consultant level clinicians looking to increase research skills and experience. Whilst this first pilot round has been targeted at medics, non-medical clinicians are also able to apply. The following is from the guidance:

The pilot scheme is targeted at addressing known barriers within medical and dental careers. Although it is anticipated that the majority of awards made will be to medics and dentists, research-qualified clinical professionals working in the NHS at the equivalent of consultant level within their profession who consider they could submit a strong proposal are able to apply. It is recognised that there are barriers to engaging with research across clinical professions, and consideration of appropriate support to address the variety of barriers encountered across different professions will inform progress beyond the pilot.

Further information can be found on the MRC website here: