This information was circulated at University to support the current situation.


As you can imagine, we  have been hit quite hard by the coronavirus outbreak having to suspend all our classes which is such a shame. We are trying to get as much material as we can online so that older people can remain active while at home.  There’s also our DVDs and book for those who are not online. As such, we have put together a support pack for older people and I wondered if you would be able to pass this on to your contacts within physiotherapy?

The pack is accessible here –

If you’d like a copy of the pack let me know.

We also have our free Get Up and Go app which might be of interest as it is specifically for care homes and hospitals and can help the most frail keep moving whilst in care:

For Android:

For Apple iOS


And finally, our free videos on YouTube have lots of ways to stay active while at home, including our Cuppa Routine –

Any help you can give in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated while we aim to keep the nations older adults active at home.

Thank you,


Joe Robinson MSc

Director of Research & Innovation

+44 (0)7718 647485