Lucy Cassidy

Fracture Extended Scope Practitioner

About Lucy Cassidy

Lucy Cassidy is an Extended Scope Physiotherapist and pioneer of the Physiotherapy-led Virtual Fracture Clinic (VFC) in Brighton. The service is a revolutionary way of treating patients with acute injuries using enhanced online information systems. The team recently won the NHS Innovation ‘Best Practice Adoption Challenge’ 2015-16. When Lucy is not working on Virtualisation of the NHS she enjoys Insanity® work outs, learning Portuguese and kitesurfing whenever it’s windy. 

Twitter: Virtual Clinic@VFCBrighton

YouTube Channel: Fracture Care


Title: Benefits of using online information systems for NHS Innovation, working smarter NOT harder. 

Synopsis: The Virtual Fracture Clinic (VFC) at Brighton and Sussex University Trust has managed over 10,000 patients since it was set up in September 2013. Saving the NHS on average £250k per annum and reduced outpatient follow up appointments by 40%, insuring that any patient, who does require a follow up, is seen by the right specialist, at the right time and in the right place.  We have developed standardised evidence based information and rehabilitation videos that patients can use to self-manage their injuries from the comfort of their own home. Online information systems have been key in the development of this service, allowing huge cost savings in; time efficacy, enhanced data capture to allow for audit, research and clinical governance and to provide both training to staff and live feedback on performance. The next stage in the project is joining up with NHS England to make the service a ‘plug and play’ model which can be replicated across the NHS using an online patient management portal.  




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