Jonathan Bell

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

About Jonathan Bell

I'm a founding partner of Wimbledon Clinics (2001),  a  multidisciplinary orthopaedics and  sports medicine clinic. The clinic is built on the premise that a well structured team delivers more than a sole  practitioner. I'm a Specialist Knee Surgeon dealing with all aspects of knee surgery.


I enjoy managing sportsmen and women from the more sedate through to elite/professional athletes. I am expert in arthroscopic, ligament surgery and joint replacement techniques.


My clinical approach is focused on helping the active patient remain active.


I am a passionate skier and treat skiers of all levels – from beginner to Olympians. Skiers are referred to me from all over Europe. I started a unique recovery programme for skiers, The Return From Injury Ski Camp ™.  I accompany my patients on their return to the slopes.


NHS consultant 1998 to 2010. I made a number of innovative changes to practice including introduction of a drug treatment that made blood transfusion after knee replacement a rare event. Now in standard use across the UK. I was the first to undetake a number of now, well established, operations: patella femoral (PF) replacement for isolated PF arthritis, trochlearplasty for dislocating PF joint. I setup a Musculoskeletal triage service with extended role physios  that allowed an extra 1000 outpatient appointments in the first six months. The service won a National Award. I eventually left, frustrated with a bureaucracy that stifled change with its top down structure and culture of " don't rock the boat we're fine as we are"


Knee Fellowship with John Bartlett and Julian Feller in Melbourne 1997.


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