Clare Lait

Specialist Cancer Physiotherapist

About Clare Lait

Clare Lait is a Specialist Cancer Physiotherapist based in outpatients who works part time privately in Gloucestershire and part time as a Research Fellow with Warwick University. 

Clare has been a Specialist Cancer Physiotherapist since 2009 when she took the lead in developing and implementing a Specialist Cancer Outpatient service for people post breast cancer surgery. As part of a leadership programme Clare also worked with Cancer Research UK to develop exercise guidelines for people following breast reconstruction both using an implant and the latissimus dorsi.  As part of her MsC in Clinical Leadership in Cancer, Palliative Care and End of life which Clare started in 2013, she chose to look at the shoulder dysfunction in this population group and has an interest in this area in her current work. 

In March of this year Clare took on the role as a part time Research Fellow working for Warwick University on the PROSPER trial, a subject Clare feels very passionately about.  This trial aims to investigate whether a physiotherapy intervention can prevent shoulder dysfunction following breast surgery. 

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