FCP Roadmap

All our courses are now completed and we are not planning to hold anymore.  Primary care training hubs will be taking over the training. I recommend contacting your local training hub to find out when these are likely to run.  


FCP ROADMAP FAQS  : Click to view


To all GP’s interested in attending the FCP supervision and verification of practice training.   There are a few options to consider:-

  • If you are a GP trainer then your local primary care training hub will be launching a 3 hour course to discuss the specifics of FCP
  • If you are not a GP trainer then you may attend our course – you will need to attend both days
  • You may wish to train as a GP trainer through your primary care training hub and do the  top up FCP course.

The First Contact Practitioners and Advanced Practitioners in Primary Care: (Musculoskeletal) A Roadmap to Prtice is a supportive document that provides a clear educational pathway from undergraduate to advanced practice for clinicians wishing to pursue a career in primary care. It was released in October 2020 setting the standard for MSK FCP and AP practice going forward.


FCP SUPERVISOR TRAINING – please note all our courses are now completed and we are not taking any further bookings.

Eligibility: To be an FCP supervisor you need to work in MSK as an Advanced Practitioner with a post-graduate Masters degree, in a current team lead post in MSK and hold a post-graduate Masters degree in MSK, or work as a consultant physiotherapist working in MSK.   Please see page 6 of the FAQ document above which should answer any questions you may have regarding the FCP Supervisor training.

The courses will be able to take a maximum of 14 places and open to a maximum of two supervisors per Trust/CCG per course. Please note, these are two-day courses, you will need to be available for both days and will only be recognised as a supervisor if both days are completed.

Due to the current climate it has been decided to run all these dates virtually.

PLEASE CONTACT appn-physio@outlook.com  to apply.  PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NO LONGER KEEPING  A WAITING LIST (as at 4th March 2021)

PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE FULLY QUALIFIED FOR THIS COURSE as we don’t wish to disappoint those who aren’t eligible. See page 6 of the FAQ document above

Once your place is confirmed you will be required to complete a short online questionnaire which will form part of the FCP Supervisor’s register and be used as part of the screening process.  Please ensure your contact details are current.

Once you have been accepted onto a course full details, zoom links etc will be forwarded to you nearer the date of the event.

LINK TO HEE WEBSITE : First Contact Practitioners and Advanced Practitioners in Primary Care: (Musculoskeletal) (click FCP supervisor development for more info)


page updated 16/3/21