Delphi Study Dissemination

We are conducting a Delphi study to gain expert consensus on the exercise parameters, including dosage (sets, reps, load etc) of an exercise training programme for chronic non-specific neck pain. We are looking for experts who are

 1.   Academics: 2+ peer reviewed publications on the use of exercise in the management of chronic non-specific neck pain


2.   Exercise or healthcare professionals: A physiotherapist, S&C coach, osteopath, chiropractor etc using exercise in the management of ≥5 chronic (≥3 months) non-specific neck pain patients per month. Exercise/Healthcare professional must also have a relevant post graduate qualification or >5 years’ experience in a sports or musculoskeletal setting

 If anyone is interested in taking part, could they please contact myself, confirming their eligibility, by 13th March 2020.

 Please contact myself with any queries or concerns on email: