Gwyn Owen of the professional affairs department at the CSP has provided information and links to help support your CPD

Gwyn is professional adviser (CPD) in the practice & development department at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

The following hyperlinks will take you directly to the page on CSP’s website.

  1. Scoping your practice Frontline 4 June  http://www.csp.org.uk/frontline/article/scoping-your-practice
  1. CSP’s scope resource is available for members to use at http://www.csp.org.uk/professional-union/professionalism/csps-approach-professionalism/scope-practice
  1. There are also some interactive CPD resources that might be of particular interest to ESP network members available in the CSP’s ePortfolio system.
  • Your scope of practice – your CPD’
  • CPD & Independent Prescribing
  • Professionalism & your CPD

These resources (& more like them) are freely available to CSP members in the CPD resources workspace of the CSP’s ePortfolio system.

Please visit the CPD resources webpage on CSP website (http://www.csp.org.uk/professional-union/careers-development/cpd/csp-eportfolio/my-eportfolio/cpd-resources ) for more information about how to find/open the CPD resources workspace & a flavour of the learning materials members can find there.

There a number of new resources available that have been produced with Learning Champions during 2014-15 that may be useful for APPN members:


CPD Habits Series

The CPD Habits series is a set of interactive resources designed to promote CPD in practice. Some of the topics covered by the information/activity sheets in this series (e.g. CPD Essentials, reflective practice, keeping a portfolio) could be used as a basis for an in-service training or to support a peer coaching session, while the resources attached to Everyday CPD could be used to enhance the CPD value of existing learning opportunities that are part of day-to-day practice.


Making the case for CPD

A CPD resource pack is being developed to help CSP Learning Champions (& others) design, deliver & evaluate a CPD session.  This can help develop confidence & capacity to make the case for CPD. This digital resource pack will contain:  information & learning materials addressing ‘making the case for CPD’ & information, guidance & tools to help Learning Champions to use the learning materials provided to design/deliver & evaluate CPD opportunities that are underpinned by sound learning & development principles & meet members’ needs. I’d hope that some of the information in that pack might be useful for network members who might be looking for

information & tools to help design/deliver CPD activities & evaluate their impact in practice.


Service user involvement in CPD

This interactive CPD resource is designed to help members optimise the quality of patient care. The resources section is packed full of links to collection of freely available materials (Frontline articles, policy and research publications, podcasts) designed focused around service-user involvement in CPD. These materials could be used to support self-study/reflection, peer reflection, small group work & more formal in-service training or network

seminars. The project is looking for case studies to demonstrate how the involvement of service users in CPD works in practice – use the form attached to the resource to share an example of how the people who use physiotherapy services are involved in the design, delivery &/or evaluation of CPD.


These new resources are available for members to access via iCSP at http://www.csp.org.uk/news/2014/04/08/new-cpd-resources-championing-cpd-project-201415

Members can access all the resources produced by the project since 2011 (including the advanced level practice webfolio) via the Championing CPD project webpage at www.csp.org.uk/championingcpd


Please note that the Championing CPD resources sit in the member-only section of the website – so members will need to be logged in to CSP website to access the resources.


If you are interested in becoming a learning champion then go to the link www.csp.org.uk/championingcpd or e.mail championingcpd@csp.org.uk


Vicky Russell MCSP MMACP

August 2015